The Poetic Meanders

The Poetic Meanders
The Teesta River - captured by Parth Adhikari

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Waiting Wanderer

The Waiting Wanderer

The embers will die but the ashes will remain.

This night (no one’s in sight),
I roam this city’s streets
To seek solace; I’m weak.
This infidel heart beats

For you. Indeed, I too
Ask why it should be so.
Voices inside – noises
I subdued long ago

Return; Make me discern
Your parting words that said
Nothing of anything;
Yet left nothing unsaid.

I sense a void. This dense
Mist is much deceptive;
It clouds reason and shrouds
Me, holding me captive

Inside a bleak and wide
Cellar, suffocating
My blind heart and blind mind
With blackness. I’m screaming

For help. Nearby, dogs yelp.
Feeling weak in my knees,
I fall. That will be all
The distance. I will cease

To walk. To search. To stalk
The night for redemption.
Still far you are. You are
Still an apparition.

Your name will still bring blame
Whose pain shall not abate.
My stride shall be my guide
But I’ll, forever, Wait.

Wait. And leave it to fate.