The Poetic Meanders

The Poetic Meanders
The Teesta River - captured by Parth Adhikari

Friday, 18 September 2015

A Dancing Sylph

A Dancing Sylph

She puts on a yellow guise of gentleness,
Vermilion is dotting her demure palms,
Her locks are plaited like silk strands,
Scents bring out her natural charms.

Humility shines in her limpid eyes,
Her supple body sparkles her young age,
She keeps devotion in her pure heart,
With this her feet kiss the waiting stage.

Her face shows a plethora of expressions
Like a battlefield of a thousand emotions,
The air hums a certain soundless magic
Softly echoing her innocent notions.

She dances like a poem with a fire-
A music that enchants every mind.
She is a flower of beautiful hues
A petal of which is hard to find.