The Poetic Meanders

The Poetic Meanders
The Teesta River - captured by Parth Adhikari

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Meeting at Dusk (Part I)

The Meeting at Dusk (Part I) 

Today I walked the promenade
Where under the sky a tad fade,
We, decades ago, felt lost
In uncertainties that criss-crossed
Across our respective futures,
Knowing well that time's sutures
(Harsh that they are upon us all)
Will always hold us in their thrall
And make us wait for a time that
Was never to come. Thus we sat
On the ledge of that busy Drive
On that day's dusk that would connive
To keep me in perennial pain.
So that meeting of a sad vein
Was our last, last in this city,
Last too in this life, and yet we
Did nothing to exude what then
Was felt. Promises to again
Meet here were mere consolations -
Etiquettes and Complications
Bound up tight against each other,
As will be the case in further
Relations of all wallflowers -
That strange posterity of ours...

(To be Concluded...)